Product Highlight

Astec Paint (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Astec Paints is a complete building renovation and construction service provider. From floor to roof such as wall repair, roof repair to prevent water leakage, rust prevention, mold prevention or even repairing cracks and crevices, as well as saving electricity by reducing external heat with our proudly product. In addition, it also has a roof repair or replacement work.

Yokogawa (Thailand) Ltd.
Sushi Sensor is a wireless solution for industrial IoT. To improve the availability ratio and profitability of plants, timely identification of health conditions and efficient maintenance of aged equipment are required. Various sensing technologies are needed to monitor conditions and maintain diverse equipment

Murata Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.
Battery-powered wireless sensors make it possible to monitor environment and equipment remotely with minimal installation effort. Collected sensor data can be used for condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, productivity optimization and energy savings in commercial and industrial fields.

RS Components Co.,Ltd.
We are a global omni-channel provider of product and service solutions for designers, builders, maintainers and protectors of industrial equipment and operations. Our ever-developing product range meets your needs from over 2,500 suppliers, and over 750,000 products available to order online.

P-Dictor Co.,Ltd.
The Soothsayer Platform is Predictive Maintenance and Machine Monitoring solution by machine learning system which is a proven innovation digital technology for Oil&Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical and Power Generation industry that helps client to prevent unplanned downtime and reduce maintenance cost.

Performax Building Service Co.,Ltd.
We provide a wide range of services including building and building systems inspection, along with other engineering services such as electrical system inspection, elevator inspection, crane inspection, fire alarm system inspection and fire pump system inspection. Additionally, we provide consultancy services, structural analysis and assessment, maintenance and preventive maintenance services, and much more.

Factorium (System Stone Co.,Ltd)
FACTORIUM CMMS maintenance program is a program developed to provide access to machinery and equipment, and store data in a systematic and modern way and FACTORIUM JORPOR PLUS. The Online Vendor Management System, a system that will help employers to manage their work systematically.

QES Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Oil Analysis. Positive Material Inspection (PMI) On-site Oil Analysis for Codition Based Maintenance (CBM), mornitoring Wear, Contamination and Chemistry in oil. XRF and LIBS for metal analysis. Carbon in steel, stainless steel 316/316L.

By Faith not by Sight Co.,Ltd.
Siri brand Products: Hybrid Polymer Concrete High Friction Surface Treatment Crack Repairs Joint Sealant System Weatherproof Services: Structural Evaluation Road Repair Exterior Building Work Saw Cutting and Joint Sealan.

Samson Controls Ltd.
The SAM GUARD predictive analytics solution for the process industry quickly and accurately identifies equipment failures and suspicious operating modes days to weeks in advance. It provides an average of five early accurate and actionable alerts a days.

Cikachi Electric Co., Ltd
PLC Programmable logic control

Freewill Solutions
"EZ Asset+" and "MQuick" System by Freewill Solutions is an essential tools for business in the digital age. The system supports the complete life cycle of asset and manage every kind of Maintenance, Control, Inspection, Security and Support work in and outside the company effectively and with the highest efficiency.