Conference Overview

30+Presentations, Industry Insight sessions

20+Key opinion leaders & subject experts

2 daysThought leadership content & knowledge sharing

15+Speakers from over 10 different industry sectors

Prepare for a future driven by innovation and technological advancement towards Thailand 4.0 – Join us at the 2-day conference!

Smart, Safe, and Sustainable Technologies toward Tomorrow
26 & 27 September | BITEC, Bangna

Join us for a thought-leading 2-day conference where the fusion of smart technologies, safety, predictive maintenance, and sustainability is setting new standards for Thai industries. The content and programme line-up for this conference was curated and shaped by the collective expertise of an Executive Committee comprising industry experts, leading academia from Chula Engineering, under the auspices of the prestigious Chulalongkorn University, alongside leading government agencies and industry associations. Our collaborative effort ensures a conference programme that reflects the amalgamation of advanced technologies and digitalisation, driving forward smart predictive maintenance and enhancing industrial safety.

This multidimensional gathering stands out by offering sessions across Business, Technology, and insightful Case Studies. It is a unique platform for industry leaders and innovators to exchange knowledge, spark meaningful conversations, and forge new paths of innovation.

The conference aligns seamlessly with Thailand’s vision for a future where innovation and sustainable technology are the bedrock of Thailand 4.0.

"Thailand has been entering the digital transformation era for some time now, especially in recent times when artificial intelligence (AI) technology has played an increasing role. Digital transformation is not only happening in the industrial sector but in almost every sector, both nationally and globally, so creating change in Thailand using technology as an important driving tool is therefore necessary to be implemented as soon as possible, as well as the need to adopt digital technology to help manage safety and preventive maintenance.”

- Prof. Dr. Supoj Tejworasinsakul, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University

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Safety takes center stage as we tackle the increase in industrial accidents with smart technology. Our conference zeros in on sustainable, proactive measures to protect people and processes in Thailand's industries. We'll explore essential strategies for integrating cutting-edge tech to enhance safety, setting new precedents in response to a rising need.

Immersive Technologies (AR/VR)
Elevate Thailand's industrial training with immersive technologies that intertwine AR and VR simulations with cognitive maintenance management systems. By creating interactive, intelligent learning environments, we can boost safety protocols and foster sustainable practices, paving the way for a more skilled, aware, and efficient workforce.

Find out how to strengthen Thailand's industrial digital landscape with robust cybersecurity, ensuring the smart and safe operation of sustainable technologies in an increasingly connected world

Robotics & Automation
Explore the integration of robotics and automation to revolutionize Thailand's industries. By adopting these technologies, we enhance safety and production efficiency, manage incidents and emergencies more effectively, and support sustainable practices through precise and intelligent resource allocation.

Maintenance Technologies & Solutions
Incorporate cutting-edge maintenance technologies and solutions, fostering a smart approach to industrial upkeep that prioritizes safety and longevity, contributing to Thailand's sustainable industrial future

Data & AI
Employ Data and AI to smartly navigate Thailand's industrial complexities, enabling predictive safety measures and maintenance while driving sustainability through optimized resource management

Understand how to adopt cloud solutions to propel Thailand's industries into a future where smart, safe data accessibility bolsters sustainable growth and collaborative innovation in safety practices.

Sensors, IoT & 5G
Elevate Thailand's industries to smart, interconnected hubs with sensor, IoT, and 5G technologies, ensuring safe, real-time monitoring and enhancing sustainable operations across all sectors

Who should attend this conference:

  • Industry Leaders and CEOs who wish to keep abreast of the latest technological trends and understand how these can be leveraged to enhance their business processes and competitive edge.
  • Chief Technology Officers and IT Managers looking to implement advanced technological solutions like smart predictive maintenance within their operations.
  • Safety Officers and Quality Control Managers interested in the latest strategies and technologies for enhancing industrial safety and sustainable practices.
  • Government Officials and Policy Makers focused on industry regulation, safety standards, and fostering innovation in line with Thailand 4.0.
  • Environmental Managers and Sustainability Officers aiming to integrate more sustainable practices within their operations.
  • Academics, Researchers, and Students from engineering and technology disciplines seeking to gain insights from industry experts and explore practical applications of their studies.
  • Representatives from Industry Associations who want to participate in shaping the future direction of Thailand’s industries.
  • Entrepreneurs and Innovators looking for opportunities to network and share ideas with other thought leaders in the realm of industrial technology.